I’ve just had the strangest feeling; as though the remains of some ancient, long-forgotten sea vessel have just risen from their watery tomb.
- Rough Sketch



My nose feels numb from the lack of stink.

- Sketchy


Changed from 10 asks to 5 because let’s not go crazy here.


I try to amuse myself with the expressions and it gives me great joy to know it’s rubbing off on you guys.
- SketchyMod

… I’m paying more attention to what Bold eats in the future.
-Rough Sketch

Come on, everyone does this once in a while! It’s the weekend! Er, I mean, the other day it was. YOU KNOW YOU’VE EATEN SIXTEEN PIZZAS. IT’S PIZZA. HOW COULD YOU NOT. *burrp*
- Rough Sketch

Cactus juice! It’ll quench ya! It’s the quenchiest!
- Bold Font

I think you should lie down or something, dude.
- Rough Sketch